Oil & Gas Integrated Full IT Spend Benchmark

The Full Spend Benchmark is our flagship product, designed and updated in collaboration with several of the world's largest integrated oil and gas companies.

What is it?

This is a truly comprehensive benchmark that measures your IT efficiency, effectiveness, complexity and performance and compares your results to a highly relevant peer group, selected by you to suit your company and its context.  The Full Spend Benchmark captures your total IT Spend, broken down to multiple levels and across several dimensions that reflect your own organisation and the way it works, but configured to allow meaningful comparative analysis across the peer group using our proven model.

Who is it for?

In its entirety, the Full Spend Benchmark is typically adopted by mid to large sized integrated oil and gas companies, seeking a better understanding of the facts about their IT efficiency, effectiveness and complexity relative to peers. 

As an organisation you are in the complex and costly business of discovering, obtaining, producing, refining, and distributing oil and gas, often with a large geographical spread of operations.

As an individual you are probably within the IT function and involved in strategic planning, management or performance improvement, motivated to ensure that IT maximises the value added in partnership with the business.

Why participate?

Make informed choices based on better understanding of the facts
  • A complete enterprise level view of your IT spending
  • Understand your efficiency, effectiveness, complexity and performance
  • Compare your position relative to similar companies
  • Detailed low-level analysis and configurable aggregations
  • Tailored to suit your organisation, but comparable to others
Get ideas and innovation from best-in-class performers
  • Understand changing behaviours and technology adoption trends across peers
  • Workshop style discussions and presentations to highlight potential follow up actions
Monitor, validate and correct assumptions and adjust over time
  • Ongoing strategic partnership and support from Aupec throughout the process
  • Continuous improvement of the IT function – Plan, Do, Check, Act (and repeat)
Oil & Gas Integrated Full IT Spend Benchmark

Save your company over $3 million

In 2018, Total IT Spend per Supported User for participants in this Benchmark ranged from $10,613 to $24,651, with the average being $20,601 (USD per supported user).  Participation would help to identify your position relative to this and prioritise areas for improvement. 

If your company had 30,000 users supported by IT, and an average spend of $20,601 per user, even a saving of 0.5% in the right area whilst monitoring performance could save your company over $3 million.
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